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OUR story

On September 19, 2014, Deano Barnes and Michael A. Grant II decided to embark on a journey to develop a company with the legacy of uplifting and serving our community. The idea came about after realizing that there was a need for change in the cleaning industry. All too often, cleaning services cut corners, undervalue their clients and employees, and do less than quality work.

Micwalis was created with the intention to build a janitorial service that clients could trust, communicate with, and receive consistent quality work with ZERO hassle. The company was also built off the idea of wanting to create an inclusive and family- oriented workplace.

The concept of family permeates through our name Micwalis, which originates from Michael’s grandmother, Mrs. Uda Grant. It was with her blessing that allowed our journey to commence. Mrs. Uda Grant based the name after her three children: Michael Sr. (MIC), Walter (WAL) and Lisa (LIS). With this name we are reminded to uphold family values such as respect, compassion, responsibility, and a virtuous attitude in all our work.

Our Company

Micwalis specializes in standard janitorial and floor care services for a variety of commercial industries. The industries in which we serve are Offices and Office Buildings, Educational Facilities, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Hotels, Residential Developments and Multi-Family Complexes. Our mission is to work hand in hand with our customers to develop systems and innovative solutions to care for their building’s maintenance requirements with a promise to bring them value in the process. We are equipped to handle both small and large projects from their construction phase to the day to day operations of the business.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to develop projects and innovative solutions through synergistic collaboration with our clients and employees. We strive to continuously develop our employees professionally within our company, while building a family company that values the security of our clients and serving the community.

Our vision is to impact the world through building a sustainable family company that is a leader of innovation in service, employee satisfaction and culture.

Core Values

Here at Micwalis we care about providing our clients with a company they can trust, a relationship that resembles family, a service that exemplifies quality, and assurance that the job will always be done with a high standard of care. As a company, we strive to meet the needs of our clients and employees to bring benefits and success to all parties.





Micwalis takes pride in providing professional cleaning services that are aligned with our clients needs and our core values.


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