Nursing Home Cleaning

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What we do

When it comes to the nursing home environment, the safety of your patients is important. In a nursing home facility germs and other pathogens can run rampant without the proper care and cleanliness.

Our company is particular in letting our customers know that we are committed to delivering good service, and that they should feel open to sharing any concerns they may have. With every new challenge and regulation that may arise, we feel it is important to stay up to date and apply it in our cleaning. Accompanied with that, we have implemented strategic and efficient cleaning methods to prevent cross-contamination. Moreover, the products that we use while cleaning are organic, powerful disinfectants that are safe for the environment. Meanwhile, the Micwalis staff is extensively and continuously trained in proper cleaning of nursing home facilities, so that our customers can trust their safety is secure and risk is minimized.

Frequent concerns

  • Upholding cleanliness protocol and procedures

  • Being updated on the health code regulations

  • Using the correct cleaning products that won’t harm patients or employees

  • Having the right tool to provide the right clean

  • Understanding the unique requirements abiding by the unique requirements of a healthcare facility

Micwalis is committed to tackling all of these important areas of concern, and we understand that communication and reliability is key to providing what is needed to our customers.