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Do you enjoy improving environmental qualities and bringing joy through your work?

Do you wish to be part of a family that not only cares for its clients, but their employees as well?

Do you value being part of a team that encourages stability and growth?

Here at Micwalis we consider staff family as we strive to help employees grow, and this why we out-compete other companies’ cultures.

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Employee Benefits Program

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Flexible Schedules

Having a flexible schedule allows you to balance your work & life schedule!

Paid Training

With Micwalis, we acknowledge your time is money! This is why we make sure to have paid training.

Growth Opportunity

We feel it is important to give our employees the opportunity to grow within the company, which allows for increased knowledge, skills, and pay!

Reward Programs and Incentives

We value showing our employees appreciation! This includes putting forth incentives and giving rewards like lunch gift cards and performance bonuses.

Personal Development Programs

We care for our employees and their personal success! We hold educational events covering a variety of topics such as financial wellness, sales training, professional skills, and mental health topics.

Direct Deposit

Every two weeks, employees can be sure to receive their paycheck directly into their bank account! We pay employees on a bi-weekly basis with the option to set-up a direct deposit to reduce any wait and hassle!

Family and Team-Oriented Environment

Here at Micwalis, we are a family! We have an "Open-Door” policy, so with our team, your work and feedback will be supported and appreciated!

growth path


Pro cleaning technicians demonstrated knowledge of the company’s mission, purpose, and goals by performing building maintenance requests and implementing proper supply and equipment usage, ensuring customer quality satisfaction, attending team and development training, and utilizing our scheduling tool.


Team leaders are the voice, eyes, and ears of supervisors and management. They are leaders inbuilding maintenance requests and implement proper supply and equipment usage, providingtraining when necessary, ensuring job completion, and ensuring safety & submitting necessary reports.


Operation Supervisors are an integral part of our management team and have a fiduciaryresponsibility in the company. Their responsibilities include supervising, evaluating employees,and administrative duties: submitting daily reports, inventory tracking, payroll, timestampdiscrepancy report, ensuring employee safety, implementing safety procedures, and buildingcustomer relationships.


Management consists of multiple divisions and leadership departments that maintain theorganization and sustainability of the company. Our divisions consist of Communications, Salesand Marketing, Treasury, Production, Qualifications and the Executive Division. Throughresearch and development, we implement strategies and integrate resources to achieve company goals. Below are the processes and plan for distribution in our “Continuous Flow Operation”.


“I have been working with the company Micwalis as a marketing coordinator for the past six months, and I have never seen a management team so dedicated to its clients and employees. Working with Micwalis, I have learned so much in terms of business, the importance of research, and the significance of building a relationship with its affiliates. I am excited to come to work and do my job as I work with my team. Here at Micwalis I see a company with a drive and passion like no other, and I am happy to be part of this family."


"I am absolutely grateful for this work opportunity! I started off as a cleaning technician, and now I am the Human Resources coordinator. The amount of opportunity offered has been endless, and the culture is unmatched. This is my family away from home, and my growth is in the best interest of this company. I’m excited as well for the growth of Micwalis as we continue to expand through innovation and inspiration."


"I love working with Micwalis Professional Cleaning Services! The standards and professionalism of this company are some of the best I’ve seen in my 40 years on earth. The company is structured, yet slightly flexible with their employees. This company is firm, but fair. There is no other cleaning company I would rather work for than Micwalis Pro Cleaning Service."


"The Micwalis personnel are professional, friendly, and care about their clients. The products used are not toxic or damaging like most store bought products are. I recommended Micwalis Cleaning Service to friends and acquaintances all the time, because I know that they will be as happy with their wonderful staff and products as I have been. Do yourself a favor, hire Micwalis Pro Cleaning Service and you will love us as much as everyone else does!"